Green Party Candidate Travis Ashley

Travis Ashley

     I am a 26 year old dad of two amazing kids, chef, masonry artist, and political activist. I am currently working on my political and environmental degree. Interested in politics at a very young age, I always knew that someday I would have to stand up and be a voice. I have seen and experienced many things in my life with my family and friends that has given me empathy to relate with so many. I have always been a rock for those around me and know I have an example to make for my kids. I simply want to see politics done differently. My whole life I have been tired of the half truths and the lip service from politicians, and not feeling I have a voice. That has changed with the Green party. I know we can combat the extinction, climate, opioid and homelessness crisis if we work together and restore integrity back to parliament. We have to move forward and work amongst parties. The only way this can work is with accountability, transparency, and strong leadership.

"the only way forward is to treat our youth with respect"

     It is so important for us to have proper social programs to help our youth. They are facing so many externalities and pressures from the media. Individualism and lack of community puts them at risk of anxiety, depression and suicide. It is complex, and the only way forward is to treat our youth with respect and help them when they need it the most. Thank you to all who work at the Bridge and their youth and recovery house project. And thank you especially for standing up when no one else has.