About Us

Nicole Richard


Nicole Richard is the founder of this project and she's the photographer that makes having portrait taken easy, fast and fun!  

Cathy Sinclair


Cathy Sinclair is the project writer! Need a bio?  Cathy steps in and makes you sound as amazing as you are! She's also just an awesome person that's fun to have coffee with!

Pam Turgeon


In life there are givers and takers. Then there's Pam Turgeon. She's been giving to community her whole life. She has experience in fundraising and event planing and we couldn't be happier to have her join the team! 

Chris Hanlon


 Chris Hanlon might be the funnest guy around. Plus he saves the day when we need help with technical support & information security. Thank you Chris!

Grant Richard


Grant Richard is the writer/editor that tries to catch all of Nicole's spalling mistakes before they get published. He actually reads books on how to create the perfect sentence. That's just weird.

Andrea Tomlinson-Gunn


Andrea Tomlinson Gunn is joining the SAPP team. Hooray! She will be our marketing advisor and social media expert. We also hoping to borrow her superb writing skills. Welcome Andrea!

Elina Briezkalne


Elina the story teller has joined the SAPP team! She donates her time to write articles and biographies and we couldn't be happier to have her join us! Thank you so much Elina!