Green Party Candidate Robert Mellalieu

Robert Mellalieu

Robert Mellalieu was born in Chemainus and grew up in Duncan. In the 1980's, he moved to Alberta to pursue an education in the high tech world of computers. After completing his education, Rob accepted a position with ADP to head up the Central Canada Office in Winnipeg. In those days, he worked on mainframe computers the size of refrigerators.

In 1993, Rob moved back to British Columbia to launch F1 Computer Services. His clients were other hard-working small businesses, big businesses and regular folk. He also instructed computer classes at Okanagan College and UBC. Rob's business grew because of referrals and not from advertising — he is proud of his reputation and honoured to have the trust of his clients.

Around the time he moved back to BC, Rob met and married the love of his life, Dawn, and soon after their wonderful son Russell was born. They have lived in West Kelowna for over 25 years, and plan to stay for at least 25 more.

Rob is an active member of the community. He has freely given his time to Rotary, Toastmasters, Big Brothers, Freedom's Door, Antique and Classic Boat Society and, of course, the provincial and federal Green Party. His community spirit was inherited from his father who was involved with politics, writing letters to the editor and serving as an Alderman for The City of Duncan.

Rob is the quintessential Canadian. He loves fishing, boating and skiing, and occasionally packs all three in on the same Sunday afternoon. Rob deeply cares about our environment, and is prepared to fight hard to prevent further environmental degradation and create a sustainable economy that allows everyone to prosper.

Thoughts on a Youth Recovery House

The youth are our future. I know it is cliche but that thought drives everything that I do.  Green Party. Big Brothers.  Rotary.  If we cant leave a clean prosperous world for our kids what the heck else is there?