Vote for your favourite MP candidate's photo! 1$ =1 vote. All proceeds go directly to The Bridge Youth and Family Services Youth Recovery House Project. Tax receipt for donations over $10. THE CANDIDATE WITH THE MOST VOTES GETS THEIR PORTRAIT & PLATFORM FEATURED on the SAPP page FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK BEFORE THE ELECTION! Winning candidate's photo announced Tuesday October 15th! Voting Ends Monday October 14th at 9pm sharp. Vote count updated daily and shown above. Have fun and learn a bit more about these inspiring members of our community! PS. votes remain anonymous. You can vote for more than one photo. :)


Conservative--Dan Albas


Green--Travis Ashley


Marijuana-Darrin Fidler


Conservative--Tracy Gray


Marijuana--Brynn Jones


NDP--Justin Kulik


Green--Robert Mellalieu


Liberal--Mary Ann Murphy


NDP--Joan Phillip

*MANY thanks to all the candidates that participated by sitting for a portrait. You are all such INSPIRING individuals.  Thank you for all the hard work you do to make our community thrive. ♥  

**This is a fun event to raise money for a good cause. You are voting for your favourite picture. This is not affiliated with the federal election.