NDP Party Candidate Justin Kulik

Justin Kulik


Justin Kulik holds Kelowna–Lake Country close to his heart, having been born, raised, and educated in the riding. With high academic achievements, he recently graduated from Okanagan Mission Secondary, and is now a UBC Centennial Scholar. Justin has been involved in political affairs for many years. He served as the volunteer coordinator for the Kelowna chapter of Fair Vote Canada during the 2018 British Columbia Referendum on Electoral Reform. He is an active member of the British Columbia Youth Parliament, a charity organization that focuses on its motto of “Youth Serving Youth” across the province. He has also made strides towards issues very personal to him. This includes a petition to reduce food waste in Canada, by barring supermarkets from intentionally destroying and wasting unsold, still edible food and requiring them to give it to charities such as food banks. With hundreds of thousands of signatures to date, this petition was delivered to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food of Canada in October 2018. Justin is committed to serving the residents of his home, Kelowna–Lake Country, and is focused on issues that directly impact their lives. Entering the political sphere with a fresh perspective, Justin is primarily focused on reducing food waste, supporting universal pharmacare, and investing in a sustainable future.