NDP Party Candidate Joan Phillip

Joan Phillip


Since she was 16 years old, Joan has been an active voice for Indigenous and environmental rights. Joan has worked with the First Nations communities throughout the Okanagan and fought to protect BC from pipelines and pollution.

Joan and her husband, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, received the Eugene Rogers Environmental Award for their commitment to defending lands, waters, and the environment. She is a proud mother and grandmother who believes in leading by listening. 

Joan is dedicated to building a strong, healthy community that works for the next generation. She is standing with Jagmeet Singh and the NDP to make life more affordable for all Canadians with bold action on housing, universal pharmacare, and good jobs in a green economy.

Joan believes strongly that addiction is a symptom of trauma, and any successful intervention must look at healing those root causes. Programs and supports like the Bridge Youth Recovery are essential for our young people to know we’re here and we care and there is a better life awaiting them. The fact that there are no publicly funded treatment beds in the Okanagan for anyone younger than 17 is unacceptable, especially considering the Okanagan has been a hot spot for opioid deaths. We need urgent and considerable investment in support programs for trauma and addiction, especially for our youth for whom we are all responsible.