Marijuana Party Candidate Darrin Fiddler

Darrin Fiddler

After receiving an honours diploma in business administration and management at Sprott-Shaw College of Business, they hired to full time. I advanced to being administrative assistant where I provided services for administration, the instructing staff and the students. 

Not one to balk at new tasks, I found my limit. When I moved on, four people were required to fulfill my position. What followed was interspersed with jobs involving customer service, mostly in retail locations and restaurants. 

My next task was to put together a computer lab and develop classes to teach the local First Nations community. Back by Industry Canada, I created the most successful program for the nationwide Community Access Program. 

Following that, I learned carpentry. Having started with only knowing how to hammer a nail to the wall to hang a picture frame, I gained the skills to build a home for a hole in the ground to framing the final lockup. I gained the leadership to lead a crew through the steps and was adamant on creating a product to be proud of. 

A relationship I had led me to reaching out to the community. She had a severe mental disability, and it was my first experience in dealing with it. My understanding of the community’s deficit to aid, I started a group called Community Minds. I was introduced to the local activists, pointing me towards steering society in a better direction. 

Then, in May 2014, Brynn Jones approached me about starting up a business in the cannabis industry. To date, I’ve studied almost a thousand books on various parts of our society and culture to decipher our true needs, and where we’re going wrong. Cannabis and hemp came at the top in terms of what is needed to improve our lives. Our company’s goal is to simplify access and distribution for producers, vendors and consumers.