Marijuana Party Candidate Brynn Jones

Brynn Jones

22 years ago I was approached by critical and end of life care medical professionals to help design and participate in a cannabis access program.

From this point I have focused on medical applications and learning the industry from seed to medicine. I am the CEO and Founder of Mariceuticals Hemp & Cannabis Corp here in Kelowna and now we are on the fore front of CBD in Canada, I am so proud of the achievements that have come and will come. I owe it all to a community that placed compassion first. TY Kelowna. Several years ago as working in my consultation clinic i was approached by families seeking information for children.

A very contentious issue that many , many doctors will not touch. Facing a no answer situation I could not accept. I founded to connect families with educated and experienced pediatric professionals to assess safety and guide the families. This work has brought me close to many kids with many issues from medical to drugs. I continue to bring compassion to this project and am the World Director.

Thoughts on Youth Recovery House in Kelowna

This is an essential program , Kelowna and the Valley have become a recreational hot spot of festivals and party goers. The culture leads to easy access to drug culture and our youth see nothing but glamorization online and in our music. I feel we must support the well being of our youth to ensure our futures and the future of those to come. We lack all social resources but our children must come first. I fully support The ideal of a Youth Recovery House(s) in the valley!