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  •      My name is Nicole Richard and I am a Socially Anxious People Person. As such I am living proof that Mental Illness is just that-- an illness. I love people. People are my favourite! For some silly reason new people or large groups trigger a fight or flight response in my body. Argh! This makes doing what I love most, connecting with people, exhausting.
  •      After 15 years of hard work fighting mental  illness I am on my final quest.  I am going to  stop this fight or flight respose with exposure therapy. That's right. Bring on the people! 
  • At the same time I am going to give back to the youth in our community. I have always been so privileged to have the help of family and friends to hold me up when I have been ill. I am determined to give back to this world.
  •      Did you know The Bridge  https://www.thebridgeservices.ca is embarking on an amazing journey raising funds to create a Youth Recovery House for children who are experiencing addiction? It's true! It's such an inspiring project and I'm so proud to help build awareness towards their venture.
  •      How am I going to achieve this you ask? With my passion, photography of course.  
  •      Starting with my inner most circle of trusted family and friends (expect a phone call buddies), and then reaching out past my comfort zone to the general public, I will photograph a fine art portrait of my subject and use the connections I make along the way to push as far out of my comfort zone as possible, all the while building awareness for the Youth Recovery House project. https://youthrecoveryhouse.ca
  •      By the end of this process I hope to be photographing amazing local personalities who have pushed passed their own fears to succeed in their passions, and to have generated donations and awareness for the Youth Recovery House campaign by The Bridge.
  •      Join me and get involved. Donate to the cause, contact me to have your portrait taken, consider becoming an INDEX B..C..D and start your very own SAPP project! Most of all follow me to keep updated on the adventure. 
  • Nicole Richard
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