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I'm Nicole Richard. I'm the socially anxious one! So strange because I am also a people person. How does this happen? It's called mental illness and in any given year one in five people in Canada will experience it. I'm also a photographer and owner of Wax Pencil Imagery. www.waxpencil.com


The SAPP Goal

This is a journey of personal growth and a campaign to help raise funds for a Youth Recovery House in the Okanagan. I want to push past my comfort zone and zap my social anxiety with exposure. To do this I'm taking fine art portraits of inspiring individuals in the community. It's only been a few months and I'm happy to report it's really working! So long fight or flight. It's been nice knowing ya. The most important thing about this project is to raise awareness and funds towards a Youth Recovery House in the Okanagan. We're determined to give back to this beautiful community! We've already raised over $17, 000! Amazing Kelowna! This is the little project that could. Let's keep going!! 


Youth Recovery in the Okanagan

Did you know there are currently no youth recovery beds in the Okanagan? It's true. Our young people deserve the chance to heal from addiction. They have their whole lives ahead of them. We can make sure they get the help the need by joining the Bridge in their campaign to build our very own youth recovery house.  Let's do this Kelowna!

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